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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet For Secondary Studies

There are some advantages and disadvantages to using the internet for secondary studies. The advantages of using this method of study are that it is easy to access and requires less effort. It also has the advantage of being accessible in large volumes. It helps in analyzing the problem and providing a basis for correlation. The disadvantages of using the internet for secondary studies are discussed below. You should know the advantages and disadvantages of secondary studies before you begin. filmefy

The Internet can become addictive. Students can become sucked into online activities that distract them from their schoolwork. In the past, education was difficult and students spent a large amount of money on it. Today, students can obtain an education with little or no cost. However, it can also lead to mental health issues such as obesity and depression. Heavy use of the internet can also lead to social isolation. Students can also become ill from the distractions provided by their computers.

The Internet can promote laziness. Students can copy and paste information from the internet without understanding the underlying concepts of that information. In addition, not all the content available on the Internet is reliable. Some sites are designed to mislead visitors. For this reason, students should not rely on the content on the Internet. These problems can be prevented by setting limits on the internet usage. And as for the students themselves, parents and teachers must monitor their children’s internet use and choose the friends they would like their kids to have as friends thedocweb .

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