Differences between a General Attorney and a Personal Injury Attorney

There are a variety of laws in every country and for any lawyer to know all of them is not possible. Thus, every attorney provides counsel in a specific genre of legal matters, such as, there are criminal defense lawyers, personal injury attorneys, divorce attorneys and others. Amongst all the types of attorneys, we will know about the difference between a general attorney and a personal injury attorney. As the name suggests a general attorney is someone who can handle non-complex general matters and a personal injury lawyer Boston is someone who focuses on personal injury laws. Let us know in detail the difference between the two:

Understands personal injury law better

The prime difference between a personal injury lawyer and a general lawyer is that a personal injury lawyer understands personal injury. A lawyer is better and can help you in cases involving those. However, a general lawyer might not have similar knowledge about personal injury laws.

Handle different cases

Another difference between a personal injury attorney and a general attorney is that a personal injury attorney only handles cases that are related to personal injuries. But a general attorney is someone who has basic knowledge of major laws.

Dealing with the insurance company 

A personal injury attorney is an expert in dealing with insurance companies as their field has made them come across cases that required many insurance negotiations. On the other hand, if you hire a general attorney, they will not be able to deal with the stubborn negotiations of an insurance company. 


If you hire a general attorney for a personal injury lawsuit, they might not know the tricks to handle complex situations and get a favorable outcome for their client. Only a personal injury attorney can identify important evidence and paperwork that can help get good compensation and thus offers better re-presentation.

It is better and smarter to get help from a professional who specializes in the work you need help in. You won’t call a painter to fix your toilet, similarly, you shouldn’t depend on a general attorney when you want assistance in a personal injury lawsuit. Although a general attorney may provide you with some useful advice they won’t be able to aid you as a personal injury attorney would. Moreover, if you need help with general law-related issues, then you can contact a general attorney. That is why you should know the difference to get the best help when in need.

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