Everything to know about winch

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must know about different accessories that can be used as survival aid during any endeavour. Of all the survival accessories, a winch is an indispensable need, especially if you are an off-roading enthusiast. However, it is also used in SUVs and large trucks.

It is an instrument that is exclusively designed to pull heavy objects. It consists of many components like a motor, a gear train, a cable and a drum. It helps by removing the vehicle stuck on broken roads or large pits. Also, it is used not only in cars but in construction, landscaping and marine.

Moreover, it is not a modern invention. History documents the ancient Greeks’ use to move and lift bridges, instruments and buildings. Read further to know more about it.

Different kinds

There are many kinds to suit different cars and trucks. They are manufactured under separate categories. For instance, the popular categories include snubbing, glider, mooring, and capstan winch.

Under another kind of classification, there are two kinds, and they are automatic, manual and hydraulic.

Manual type

It is also known by the term hand winch. A typical one can lift 200 kg to 5000 kg. It works with the help of a lever to lift or pull the load. It is a little hard to work with but requires much less maintenance.

Automatic type

Electric motors are used to operate the automatic ones. It can adjust the cable’s tension adequately to pull the car out from the stuck place. It is specially used when the load is too heavy for a manual one.

Hydraulic type

This works with the help of a hydraulic system. Most importantly, it can lift more weight than the electrical one. These are mainly used on the shore and docks to load ships with heavy machinery.

What are the rope options available?

Two kinds of rope are available, and they are either made of synthetic rope or steel rope.

Synthetic ropes

Synthetic ropes are the perfect choice if you want a flexible rope to get along rough terrain, easy to handle, and lighter to use. It has a smooth structure, so you do not have to wear gloves when handling it. However, it demands regular care as it is vulnerable to UV exposure, chemicals, heat and abrasion.

Steel rope

These ropes are known for their durability, affordability and easy maintenance. It is ideal if you are an off-road enthusiast as it can easily tackle sand, rocks, and unstable terrain. Wearing gloves is very important while handling steel ropes to protect your hand from cuts and injuries.

Mount options

You cannot find a bumper designed to fix aids in every car. When a vehicle lacks it, mounts can be used for rescue operations. The loads’ weight has to be equally distributed to pull out the car without any damage, and a mount helps obtain this equilibrium. Some of the popular mount options are bumper mount and multi-mount.


Ropes are highly durable and can be used for decades together if adequately maintained. Some guidelines must be followed, like storing them away from moisture, heat and dirt, regularly cleaning the rope, etc.

Thus, these are some of the critical information to know about winches. With this great aid, you do not have to fear situations; instead, enjoy your adventure in all your endeavours.

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