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Food Packaging Examples

Looking for some food packaging examples? Here are a few examples you can use to get started:

Firstly, consider what types of food you sell. Whether it is frozen or fresh, different types of food packaging will serve different purposes. The main purpose of a package is to prevent the food from undergoing unwanted changes, facilitate these changes, and provide sales appeal. Secondly, food packaging must be cost-effective in both materials and transportation costs. In the case of frozen products, the packaging must be sturdy and durable. And last but not least, it should be attractive to consumers.

Once you know the functions of different types of food packages, you can create your own designs. A great way to get started is to look at the types of packages used at grocery stores. Milk cartons, cans of beans, yogurt containers, chips, and plastic-wrapped meat on trays are just some of the examples. Most of these materials are made from plastic, which prevents the acid in foods from corroding metal cans.

Egg cartons, for instance, contain molds that hold the eggs. Juice and milk are also sold in aseptic cartons. Folding cartons are typically flat pieces of cardboard, and gable-top cartons are shaped like gables. Flexible packaging, such as plastic wrap, can be almost any shape and can protect its contents. When compared to molded plastic packaging, a paper-based container is the most durable option.

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