How Good Is the Internet Connection in Australia?

The Australian government has defined a good internet connection as a speed of 25Mbps or higher. However, this speed is still below the speeds needed for the majority of internet users. If you’re planning on doing basic internet activities like sending emails, uploading photos and using social media, an NBN 25 plan is likely to be adequate. However, the speed will slow down if multiple people are using your connection.

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The majority of Australians are not able to access the internet at speeds over 20Mbps, and speed of dial-up connection is nearly nonexistent. In rural areas, xDSL speeds will be slower than a dial-up connection. Even if you live near an exchange, xDSL speeds will be unusable once you’re five kilometres away. The reason for this is because Australia still uses decades-old copper phone lines to provide internet access. Although the National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s largest infrastructure project, it still uses inferior tech and favors outdated technology.

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Compared to NBN, retail vendors typically offer 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speeds. In addition, many retailers have a post-installation line test to confirm actual speeds. Getting faster speeds on NBN is not guaranteed, so your luck in obtaining them will depend on your location. This service is also known as fibre to premises (FTTP), which is a form of fibre to premises. It offers the same benefits as HFC and fibre to basement, but will be more expensive.

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