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How To Wear A Dress Shirt & Jeans Combo

Are you looking to step up your fashion game and make a statement with an elevated yet straightforward look? Combining a classic dress shirt and jeans is the best way to achieve this. It’s timeless, easy to style, and always looks polished, so it’s no wonder why so many of us opt for this effortless combo! 

Learn how wearing a dress shirt with jeans works in different color schemes, fabrics, cuts, and more – giving you the mini style guide needed to create a look that will impress you. 

Jean Types

Jeans are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and fits. Not all styles look great with button-up shirts. Imagine this outfit:

  • An elegant, well-tailored white Oxford shirt with an open collar and pink vest, and bowtie.
  • A silver chronograph watch with a brown leather strap
  • A belt made of brown leather and a silver buckle
  • Baggy, ripped jeans in distressed black-gray
  • Brown Oxford Brogues

It doesn’t take a fashion expert to see that jeans can ruin an outfit. Why? They need to be correctly fitted and have a better fabric design.

How should your Jeans Fit?

This question can be answered with one term: straight-cut jeans. Let me explain. Straight-cut jeans create a timeless silhouette. They are not too slim or too loose. Wearing a button-up shirt with jeans is a good idea. Unless you wear an oversized shirt, most shirts have a sharp silhouette to match a well-tailored suit. When choosing jeans, choose a pair with a similar effect.

  • Baggy Jeans – Look significant and unmatched when paired up with a shirt
  • Skinny Jeans will make you look slimmer than a shirt, and they will also fatten your torso.
  • Straight Jeans are the perfect fit for a shirt and blouse combination. It’s not too tight or too loose.

Types of Shirts

It’s easy to choose a shirt that will go with your jeans. In short, most shirts can be worn with jeans if appropriately styled. The only exceptions to this rule are shirts that have the following:

  • French cuffs
  • Wingtip collars
  • Pleats
  • Front panel for a tuxedo

These characteristics indicate that a shirt should only be worn in formal settings. This will make you look like a man who needs to learn the basics of men’s style. When it comes to color, keep it simple:

  • White Can be worn with any jeans
  • Light blue – Wear it with navy or mid-blue jeans
  • Light Pink Can be worn with light or dark blue jeans

Wear a smart casual outfit 

A button-up shirt and jeans are an excellent combination for bright casual outfits. You can add other garments to make this ensemble more exciting and complex. Layering knits and jackets can make your outfit more innovative and stylish.

  • Knits and sweaters

When worn over a shirt, a knit or sweater can give a plain outfit a fashionable touch. For a classic winter look, pair a shirt and jeans with a knitted sweater and military boots. Your cardigan should be worn as a sports jacket. When standing, button it up and when seated, unbutton it.

  • Jackets and Blazers

You can enhance the formality of your jeans and button-up shirt outfits by adding a sports jacket or blazer without needing to wear a suit. A blazer or sports jacket is the best choice for semi-formal events such as family gatherings, dinner parties, or office barbecues. A pocket square or barrywang tie just like a suit can raise the formality of the garment when needed.

What Shoes Should You Wear?

  • Sneakers

Wearing sneakers with jeans and a button-up shirt is a mistake. Your outfit will be ruined if your sneakers aren’t plain white and spotlessly clean. Avoid bulky shoes. Basketball sneakers and anything made of canvas is a no-go. Avoid branding and stick to plain white leather shoes.

  • Leather Boots

You can also pair leather boots with jeans and a shirt. Depending on their construction, boots can be made to withstand harsher weather conditions. However, they still look professional and stylish. Suede, a soft leather worn with jeans and a shirt, is also a great choice. Suede is available in many colors, making it easy for men to add vibrancy to their outfits.

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