How to Write an Essay in 5 Minutes

The internet is full of resources for Btjunkie learning how to write an essay. But sometimes in a hurry, you may be tempted to simply copy and paste paragraphs from someone else’s work. This is not only unethical, it also prevents you from learning the subject thoroughly. Essay writing is designed to consolidate learning and prepare you for an exam. It is not a way to save time, but to increase your chances of passing an exam.

If you’re struggling to reach your word limit, start your essay after lunch. By then, you’ll have eliminated hundreds of words from the word count. Isohunt Focus on supporting your arguments and introducing the main idea of your essay. Then, you can add quotes and make up the rest of your word count later. If you’re unsure, paraphrase the quotes to give them a unique voice. Thedigitalscale Make sure not to copy others’ work, as this will result in a low grade.

During the time between studying and writing, use a mind map to organize your ideas. This method requires that you write key ideas that are as short as possible, but still contain enough information to answer the essay question. Then, connect these fragments to form complete paragraphs. Presentnews Once you’ve finished composing the first draft, the next step is to arrange the main ideas and develop the thesis statement. Claimrecoveryhelp During this time, you should take notes or create a Mind-Map.

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