Installing a computer for personal and organisational needs.

Setting up a computer is the procedure or operation of providing freshly bought gadgets to the buyers, ensuring that all the software and hardware are correctly inducted and functioning accordingly. It also ensures that all the old data is transferred to the new computer device.

Computer setup also includes computer re-categorisation, which means assessing the feasibility of replacing the computer machine and developing that particular equipment to re-categorise to the next customer.

How much time is required for a complete computer setup?

It solely depends on the availability and reach of technicians. Any computer setup requires a work schedule of two hours to ensure that every file is appropriately transferred and the software and hardware are installed without hurdles. Technicians are provided with basic training so that mistake does not occur. Sometimes, some issues arise while installing and require two or more appointments. If copying data and transferring it to the new device takes longer, it might require more time.

DIY or a Technician?

It is not a big deal to install the required software after the hardware is in place. But without proper guidance and knowledge, there is a possibility of the entire software and hardware being corrupted. Therefore, if there is a guide or an installation procedure with all the chances of errors and dealing with them, it is outstanding to finish the process without needing a technician.

Perks of having a technician

A techie with comprehensive knowledge of software and hardware can install everything seamlessly. Work gets done quicker than expected if the techie is experienced. Solving numerous such errors that pop up while installation becomes a daily routine for a technician. Hence, finding an experienced techie for all the problems is the best solution to avoid loss of time. The following are the benefits an individual or an organisation gets with the help of a techie:

  • Seamless Installation
  • Quick response rate
  • Faster resolution of errors
  • Full support for a longer time
  • Streamlined procedure without hiccups
  • Safeguard from the possibility of damage
  • Getting the best quality parts
  • Cuts down installation time

Looking at the above benefits, most would prefer hiring a techie to get the PC/desktop setup.

How long does an adequately installed computer work?

Most machines come with a company warranty of 1 year to 3 years depending on the product and the other various aspects. Therefore, a good time is served with the warranty once purchased.

Although for electronics, there is no guarantee. With caution, one should install a stabiliser to regulate the power supplied to the device. A stabiliser helps regulate the power and thus protects the device from the uneven power supply. Both high-voltage and low-voltage. Using a UPS or a power supply backup is recommended to avoid sudden power cuts in the worst case. Such natural incidents cannot protect the computer from being damaged.

If whatever is in hand, like installing a stabiliser and a UPS, the computer can run without errors even for years. The possibility of short-circuiting should be avoided, and ensure proper earthing for the switchboard where the pc is plugged in.

Install an antivirus to make the computer free from viruses. The basic windows defender helps to a greater extent if going for a windows device. However, some cybersecurity experts recommended having paid antivirus software or a firewall for better security, depending on the usage.

Hence, installing a computer is easy, but maintaining it requires specific tips and tricks, as mentioned above. One has to follow them to keep the pc safe and secure!

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