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From the moment I first heard about the anime adaptation of Akiko’s friend, Nana, Metakka, and their pet cat, Play, I was hooked! The characters were so well-known to me already; I knew nothing but great things about them. Even though its release was almost a year ago now (March 2017), this anime still has plenty of potential for growth. With modern technology and social media being what they are today, we have a lot more ways to watch anime than ever. We now have Facebook groups and social media shows like Netflix and Hulu. It’s even easier for people with limited internet or TV access. With this in mind, it’s good to see ANN is exploring new ground with the release of the Akiko & Nana light drama anime – Voice: You can stream Akiko & Nana episodes anytime from any internet browser . The app is available on iOS (iPhone & iPad) as well as Android devices (Smartphone).

What’s the story?

In this light novel about two sisters and their pet cat, Play, leaders Akiko and Nana are living a quiet, happy life just a few doors down from their mentor, Nene. But when their friend, Rurouni San, becomes the center of a worldwide media storm, they find themselves presences in the public eye. Along with their cat, Rurouni, who they have been keeping as a best friend since they were young.

How to watch Akiko & Nana

You can watch Akiko & Nana on television, online, and in the movie theaters. It’s also available on authenticated VOD, where you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to access the ad-free version. If you can’t make it to Japan, we’ve got a great opportunity to see the full series in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. We’re also working on bringing the series to New Zealand. TV and movie schedules are changing, but the bigger picture is very much the same. We’re excited to bring you more details about when you can see Akiko & Nana in the U.S., Canada, and Australia in the future.

The series’s beautiful art

The art for Akiko & Nana is beautiful. Every line, facial feature, and character design was a work of art. I loved seeing how Nana’s hair changed color during the course of the series and how her face changed as she grew older. And everything in the series, from the illustration to the story, is stunning. The series features original, high-contrast, high-res graphics and, most definitely, no pixelation.

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