Questions 3 basic questions about divorces in Wisconsin

Not all marriages last forever, and while that can be a hard situation to accept, you have to be extremely cautious about how you deal with your divorce. Besides being emotionally taxing, divorces are often about lengthy legal battles, which is something you can avoid by working out issues with your spouse. Divorces don’t have to be complicated in Wisconsin, and with top law firms like Karp & Iancu, S.C., you will have all the legal support you need. For your help, we have answered three common questions related to divorces in the state.

What are the grounds for divorce?

If your marriage is irretrievably broken, it is a ground for divorce in Wisconsin. This just means there is no room for you and your spouse to reconcile or improve things. It is not necessary that both spouses want to state the marriage is irretrievably broken – The judge may consider the same even when one spouse wishes to end the marriage. If the couple has lived separately for 12 months, it is often viewed as evidence that the couple has drifted apart. The good news is one spouse doesn’t have to accuse the other of things like adultery, incompatibility, abandonment, and cruelty to get a divorce in Wisconsin. maru gujarat

What are the residency requirements for a divorce?

Initiating divorce proceedings in Wisconsin is easy if you fulfill the necessary requirements. Either you or your spouse must have lived here for a minimum of six months. Also, you (or your spouse) should be a resident of the county where the divorce petition is being filed for a minimum of 30 days.

What is the process like?

Either spouse can file a Summons and Petition in the county court, following which it is served to the spouse. You can also file the Affidavit for Temporary Relief, which is used to temporarily decide on matters like child custody, visitation rights of parents, and any other provisions, before the actual divorce is finalized. Please note that there is a mandatory 120-day waiting period in Wisconsin, which is the minimum time you would need to wait to get through the process. Because courts often have a burden of cases, divorces usually take longer than that.

Like anyone else with little understanding of family law, you may find yourself dealing with many aspects at once during a divorce. Get an attorney so you don’t have to worry about legal jargon and steps in the process lasenorita.

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