Things to Know Before Buying a 3-Carat Engagement Ring

Proposing marriage to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with is something that should not be taken lightly. So before you propose marriage, you should find the right engagement ring for her. You must select the suitable stone and, most importantly, the right weight for it to be perfect for your beloved.

When talking about the stone for an engagement ring, diamonds have no match. Diamonds usually rule people’s minds when shopping for an engagement ring. Why not? Diamond is a true symbol of pristine love and is also considered a symbol of man’s assurance of everlasting love. But what about the correct weight of the diamond? Which one will be the best for an engagement ring? Well, the average diamond ring is between 1-2 carats, but if you want a bigger diamond, you can go for a 3-carat engagement ring.

What is a 3-carat diamond?

Carat defines the weight of the diamond. That means when a jeweller says 3-carat diamond; they are explicitly talking about the weight of the diamond. 3 carat is approximately equivalent to 0.6 grams or 600 milligrams, or you can imagine a 3-carat diamond as the size of a raisin. The finest quality 3-carat original diamond ring will cost you around $30,000, and the lab-manufactured diamond ring of similar quality will begin at approximately $7,500.

Diamond prices per carat increase as you choose a higher carat. For example, while a 2-carat diamond might cost $8,180 per carat, a 3-carat diamond might be priced at $10,820 per carat. In addition, diamond rings are priced as per the carat weight of the diamond. For example, the price of a diamond is $12,280 per carat, and if you choose a 2.50 carat diamond for your engagement ring, it will cost you $12,280* 2.50, equal to $30,700. However, don’t forget that diamond engagement rings vary significantly in price depending upon their 4Cs (colour, clarity, cut and carat).

How to shop for a 3-carat engagement ring?

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying a 3-carat diamond engagement ring for your beloved:

Be careful about the cut you choose

There is no denying that a well-cut diamond stands out against a poor-cut quality diamond. So now that you are investing a significant amount of money in buying a 3-carat diamond ring, how can you compromise on the cut quality of the diamond? Therefore, it is advisable to say that when picking the ring, pay close attention to the cut of the diamond. Remember, a diamond with an excellent cut will make your diamond sparkle more.

Check the colour of the diamond.

You must have heard that a diamond is worth more when it is as colourless as possible; this holds for 3-carat diamonds as well. So before you splurge at buying the fascinating diamond ring for your lady love, don’t forget to check the colour of the diamond. If you want to buy the highest quality diamond ring, it should be a completely colourless or nearly colourless diamond.

Consider buying a lab-grown diamond.

If you want a lower-priced diamond ring without compromising the quality of the diamond, consider buying lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are entirely identical to the naturally obtained diamonds. By choosing lab-grown diamonds, you can ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality 3-carat engagement ring without causing ethical and environmental issues.

Hopefully, after going through this article, you can confidently choose a perfect diamond ring for your lady love and save a few bucks.

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