Why do campers need a Drawer Fridge Freezer?

Many people love to go camping in their caravan or truck. The relaxation and freedom of caravan life attract everyone. These recreation trucks help people to explore new places, and overnight caravan trips are becoming more popular. Families travelling in these vehicles must carry enough food and drinks. Though they will find many shops selling food and beverages, taking them from home is good as it helps save money. The drawer fridge and freezer in recreational vehicles keep food fresh throughout the trip. While travelling in summer, the refrigerator in the truck prevents food spoilage.

What is a drawer fridge?

Drawer fridges are specifically made for caravans and trucks. They keep the food supplies fresh and make the off-roaders’ lives easy. Families find them invaluable when they go on long trips. A standard fridge used in homes is not recommended for recreational vehicles because they occupy more space. Most drawer fridges do not have moving parts inside, and there is no risk of damage caused by jolts. These fridges can handle the bumps on the roads.

Why do people need a drawer fridge?

A drawer fridge is a convenient fridge that does not take up much space. It is available with or without a freezer. Before purchasing, it is essential to consider whether people need a freezer or not. A drawer fridge with a freezer is more expensive, but it helps store frozen food. Moreover, it ensures that families never run out of frozen food and meat.

A vital factor to remember while buying a fridge is its size. When families cannot decide what size they need, the best thing to do is buy a larger size, not a smaller one. However, the one without a freezer is cheaper and smaller.

The drawer fridges are designed to fit into tight spaces like the back of the vehicle. But, they must be installed in an area that does not receive direct sunlight because the place shouldn’t become warm. They can run on any one of these energy sources: 12/24V DC battery power, 240V AC power and LPG.

How to maintain a drawer fridge

People must precool the fridge before loading the food and drinks. The refrigerator has to work harder when food is placed inside before precooling. The fridge’s efficiency is further increased when chilled food and beverages are placed inside a precooled fridge. It ensures that the refrigerator operates well while travelling.

The fridge needs regular cleaning to operate at its best. Generally, a soft cloth dipped in a solution of mild detergent and warm water is used for cleaning. In addition, the dust and dirt on the cooling fins need to be cleaned to perform better.

Regular defrosts are needed to prevent the frost layer from building up beyond a thickness of 3mm. Airflow within the fridge is reduced by frost buildup, and it affects the efficiency. The fridge seals need occasional checks to prevent air leaks.

A drawer fridge and freezer are sophisticated and secure refrigeration solutions for people who go on long trips often. They are ideal for recreational vehicles and boats and come in all sizes to fit big and small spaces. Trucks with a fridge offer a relaxed journey without constant worry about the next meal. Families can travel longer distances by carrying enough food that lasts for many days. Drawer fridges provide an easy way to store food. They stock not only food supplies but also give easy access to ice-cold drinks.

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